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Latest Podcast

CyberBeat #106
September 2023

FEATURE: This week public interest technologist Rob Braxman talks about end-to-end encryption.

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TikTok fined 345 million euros for breaching children's privacy laws in the EU

20 September 2023
It is the biggest fine to date TikTok has received from regulators.

Google to Pay $93m for Misleading Users on Location Tracking

20 September 2023
Tech giant ‘continued to collect and store a user’s location data’ even if users turned off their location history.

Gov to curtail one-to-many face matching by law enforcement

20 September 2023
The government is having a second go at legislation for identity and facial matching services, one that will still enable central identity data pools to exist but place heavier restrictions on usage.

Signing contracts may soon become obsolete

14 September 2023
The federal government has announced it is taking statutory declarations into the digital age, saying it will accept electronic signatures and video link witnessing from next year.

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CyberBeat news #105 13 September 2023

What really is the legal situation in Australia and why are most privacy policies perhaps considered illegal under the Australian Privacy Principles?


CyberBeat news #104 07 September 2023

Why are Privacy Policies long, confusing, and filled with legal jargon. Are our only options to  "take it or leave it?” 



CyberBeat news #103 31 August 2023

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and 11 of its international data protection and privacy counterparts have released a joint statement to address the issue of data scraping on social media platforms and other publicly accessible sites.




CyberBeat news #102 24 August 2023

This week we take at look at the position paper just released by the eSafety Commissioner - New industry recommendations to curb harms of generative AI.

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