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Latest Podcast

CyberBeat #135
April 2024

FEATURE: How do we protect ourselves when scammers can reach us via our phones, emails, social media accounts, and websites?

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Hoya halts production after cyber attack

12 April 2024
Japanese lens maker Hoya said the production of several of its products have stopped after system failure caused by a targeting of the company's servers.

Google tech used in Israel’s genocide

12 April 2024
Amid criticisms and human rights concerns, Google is remaining silent over allegations that its technology was exploited in alleged mass murder campaigns.

Diabetes WA telehealth service breached

12 April 2024
Diabetes WA has disclosed a data breach affecting people who engaged with its telehealth service.

US government sues Apple over smartphone market monopoly

04 April 2024
The Department of Justice and 15 state governments accuse Apple of monopolising the smartphone market, leading to higher prices and limited innovation for consumers.

Australia missing out in AI funding boom

04 April 2024
Market experts warn of a potential bubble in AI-related stocks, with data showing a decline in private market investments.

Recent Phishing Attacks Target 100+ Organizations in Europe and U.S. with StrelaStealer Malware

28 March 2024
StrelaStealer malware is designed to steal email login data from popular email clients and send it to the attacker's server. This enables threat actors to access victims' email accounts for further malicious activities.

Federal government reassures Australians that electoral systems are secure

28 March 2024
UK cyber security agency confirms Chinese threat groups targeted electoral systems. Australia reassures public that its electoral systems remain secure

NSW Government Invests in Mobile Systems for Emergency Wi-Fi Connectivity

21 March 2024
The NSW government is investing in mobile systems to provide wi-fi connectivity to communities impacted by natural disasters. Customer service minister Jihad Dib made the commitment in June 2023.

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Australians feel powerless over personal data control
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New research shows Australian consumers are unaware of how companies, including data brokers, track, target, and profile them. 

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